Droughts and low flows conference: presentations available

The presentations of the international conference on droughts and low flows, including groundwater, held in October 2014 in Maastricht (NL), are now available. The successful meeting was attended by almost 100 scientists and policy-makers, from 5 continents, with an overall very positive evaluation by the participants!


acrobat icon The role of climate change in droughts and low flow
     — Mr Eddy Moors, Alterra, Wageningen University and Research Centre, formerly at WMO

acrobat icon Dutch research on drought in relation to European drought policy
     — Mr Remco van Ek, Deltares

acrobat icon Increasing droughts in forests of the North German lowlands? Implications for groundwater utilisation
     and forest management
     — Mr Henning Meesenburg, Nordwestdeutsche Forstliche Versuchsanstalt (NW-FVA) Göttingen

acrobat icon Low flow management in Wallonia
     — Mr Philippe Dierickx, Service public de Wallonie, Direction générale opérationnelle Mobilité et Voies hydrauliques,
         Département des Etudes et de l'Appui à la Gestion, Direction de la Gestion hydrologique intégrée

acrobat icon Baseflow and water management: How can we make better use of the groundwater system?
     — Ms Marijn Kuijper, Deltares

acrobat icon Drought between two borders: fight without weapons?
     — Mr Jac Peerboom, Waterschap Peel en Maasvallei (Water board for the Peel and Valley of the River Meuse)

acrobat icon Characterizing groundwater drought over South Germany: merging model with observations
     — Mr Rohini Kumar, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), together with Luis Samaniego (UFZ),
         Jude Musuuza (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena), and Sabine Attinger (UFZ)

acrobat icon Droughts in Brazil: a concept to study water conflicts
     — Mr José Delgado, University of Potsdam

acrobat icon Groundwater stress in the Southern Netherlands at regional and local scales
     — Mr Roelof Stuurman, Deltares

acrobat icon Vanishing Water Landscapes: Perceptions of Water and Scarcity in an Arid Region
     — Ms Francesca de Châtel, journalist and researcher