Key publications by Dutch hydrologists
Complex and Dynamic Implementation Processes: new book on water governance

«Complex and Dynamic Implementation Processes: Analyzing the Renaturalization of the Dutch Regge River» is a new book by Cheryl de Boer and Hans Bressers, University of Twente. They have assembled the results of over two years of research about the renaturalization efforts of the Regge River in the Twente region (NL). The authors provide a careful evaluation of the many different projects over the last decade as part of the long term vision for the River Regge.

Groundwater (Geology of the Netherlands)

Geology of the Netherlands presents an overview of the geology of the subsurface of the Low Countries. The chapter on Groundwater was written by prof. dr. J.J. (Co) de Vries, who kindly made it available to those interested.

Optimum use of water resources (1977)

Optimum use of water resources (1977) describes a systems approach to solve complicated economic, agronomic and hydrologic problems encountered in the Varain Plain, Iran, in 1966. A solution was sought in the conjunctive use of surface water resources and those of the groundwater basin. A computerized groundwater model of the basin was developed for use as a simulation tool.

CHO-TNO Publications

Between 1952 and 1993 the government of the Netherlands funded the Commission for Hydrological Research TNO (Commissie voor Hydrologisch Onderzoek TNO, CHO-TNO). During this period two publications series have been published: one in Dutch (Verslagen en Mededelingen), the other in English (Proceedings and Information: Rapporten en Nota’s).

Groundwater hydraulics of extensive aquifers (1972)

The term extensive aquifers is used to denote aquifers whose horizontal dimensions are much larger than their thicknesses, so that the losses of head due to the vertical velocity components may be neglected. The term groundwater hydraulics is used in the sense of deductive theory.


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