Managing Water Resources under Climate Uncertainty

Managing Water Resources under Climate Uncertainty: Examples from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Australia – a new book by Sangam Shrestha, A.K. Anal, P.A. Salam and Michael van der Valk (eds) – has just been published by Springer. The book describes the impacts of climate change on the water cycle in Asia and Europe, and compares options for adaptation while looking at different regions that each have their own particularities. The book contains examples from the Mediterranean, Central Highlands of Vietnam, the Citarum River Basin (Indonesia), Nam Ou River Basin (Lao), Koshi River Basin, Chaliyar River Basin (Kerala, India), Mekong tributaries (including Can Tho, Sesan and Sre Pork Basin), Cambodia, Bhutan, South-Eastern Indian coast, Leh (Northwestern Himalaya, India), Nepal (Disaster Risk Reduction), Adelaide (Australia), Mexico, Chindwin River (Myanmar), Brahmaputra River. With a foreword by Michel Jarraud (Secretary-General of WMO and Chair of UN-Water) and Blanca Jiménez (Director, Division of Water Sciences, UNESCO).

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– Uncertainty Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Hydrology: A Case Study for
   the Central Highlands of Vietnam

– Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Water Availability in the Citarum
   River Basin, Indonesia: The Use of Statistical Downscaling and Water Planning Tools

– Impact of the Uncertainty of Future Climates on Discharge in the Nam Ou River
   Basin, Lao PDR

– Integrated Modelling of Climate Change and Urban Drainage

– Estimating the Impacts and Uncertainty of Climate Change on the Hydrology and
   Water Resources of the Koshi River Basin

– Uncertainty Analysis of Statistically and Dynamically Downscaled Precipitation Data:
   A Study of the Chaliyar River Basin, Kerala, India

– Assessment of the Impact of Projected Climate Change on Streamflow and Groundwater Recharge in a River Basin

– Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources: Experiences From the Mediterranean Region

– Effect of Climate Change in Wastewater Treatment Plants: Reviewing the Problems and Solutions

– Managing Hydropower Under Climate Change in the Mekong Tributaries

– Managing Water Resources Under Climate Uncertainty: Opportunities and Challenges for Cambodia

– Transboundary Water Resources Management in the Context of Global Environmental Change: The Case of Bhutan

– Addressing Climate Change Impacts Through Community-Level Water Management: Case Studies from the
   South-Eastern Coastal Region of India

– Climate Adaptation and Governance and Small-Scale Farmers' Vulnerability Through Artificial Glacier Technology:
   Experiences from the Cold Desert of Leh in North-West Himalaya, India

– Governing Disaster Risk Reduction in Nepal

– Role of Sustainability Policy Entrepreneurs in Building Water-Sensitive Cities to Respond to Climate Change:
   A Case Study in Adelaide, Australia

– Managing Water Resources in Mexico in the Context of Climate Change

– Rainwater Harvesting as an Effective Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in Rural and Urban Settings

– Coevolving Water Infrastructures for Adaptation to Climate Change


439 pp, ISBN 978-3-319-10467-6