Symposium - Hazard, Risk and Sustainability in the Soil Environment

14 October 2015, Wageningen (NL) • The United Nations have declared the year 2015 as the International Year of Soils, under the topic «Healthy Soils for a Healthy Life». According to the UN, »the current rate of soil degradation threatens the capacity to meet the needs of future generations«. Therefore, there is an urgent need to promote sustainable soil and land management practices, in order to ensure a productive and healthy food system and environment. The Symposium «Hazard, Risk and Sustainability in the Soil Environment» will be held in Wageningen on 14 October 2015.

The Symposium «Hazard, Risk and Sustainability in the Soil Environment» aims to share knowledge between students and researchers, and to promote the discussion of new ideas, problems and challenges faced, and solutions encountered for the different soil-related topics covering this symposium.

Topic include:

• The effect of wildfires on soil hydrological and erosion processes.
• Flood hazard, risk and management.
• Pesticides use and transport processes in the environment.
• Nanoparticles transport and stability in the Environment

Soil is considered a non-renewable source for the time frame of human life, since its formation occurs very slowly over time. Unsustainable land use and management practices often lead to an increasing risk of wildfires and floods, but also to soil and water pollution. Desertification, soil erosion, soil degradation, soil fertility loss, and soil contamination with waste, pesticides and other pollutants, are therefore some of the major threats faced by the soil environment. A deeply understanding of the processes that promote soil degradation and threaten the soil environment and populations livelihood is of extreme importance, and crucial for the development and implementation of more sustainable soil measures and policies.


Date: 14 October 2015
Location: Room C 2030, Orion Building, Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands


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