Freshwater Governance for the 21st Century – free book

Freshwater Governance for the 21st Century contains information that many practitioners in the water field will be looking for. The water-related challenges have reached a climax with an unoptimistic future expected to feature more competition between users. These stresses will be exacerbated by climate change which is likely to increase water demand while shrinking water supplies. Intense competition for water resources will be experienced not only by private users but will also affect the public sector; however, national plans repeatedly fail to show the ability to provide a coherent outlook for development in which water needs are adequately projected and resources smartly shared. 

2016.11.22 9783319433486This book on freshwater governance  broadly illustrates key aspects of water governance. It maps the spectrum of decision-making from techno-centric and eco-centric approaches, to hybrid concepts and people-centric approaches. Topics covered include the challenges for water-governance models, the polycentric model, the integration challenge, water in the decision-making hierarchy, and the rise of water-sensitive design, while also taking into account interdependencies between stakeholders, as well as the issue of scale.

The book’s content is presented in an integrated and comprehensive format, building on detailed case studies from around the world and the authors’ working experiences in the water sector. Combining essential insights with accessible, non-technical language, it offers a valuable resource for academics, technicians and policy-makers alike.


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Separate chapters:

acrobat icon Preface, Contents

acrobat icon 1 – Introduction and Reflections

acrobat icon 2 – The establishment of catchment management agencies in South Africa with
           reference to the Flussgebietsgemeinschaft Elbe: some practical considerations

acrobat icon 3 – Towards inclusive water governance: OECD evidence and key principles of
           stakeholder engagement in the water sector

acrobat icon 4 – Free-market economics and developmental statism as political paradigms: implications
           for water governance theory and practice in developing countries

acrobat icon 5 – Urban water governance as a function of the ‘urban hydrosocial transition’

acrobat icon 6 – Urban water governance for the twenty-first century: a portfolio-based approach to planning and management

acrobat icon 7 – Rights-based freshwater governance for the twenty-first century: beyond an exclusionary focus on domestic
           water uses

acrobat icon 8 – Inclusive transboundary water governance

acrobat icon 9 – Mechanisms for inclusive governance

acrobat icon 10 – Water integrity: from concept to practice

acrobat icon 11 – Addressing the groundwater governance challenge

acrobat icon 12 – Water governance futures in South Asia and Southern Africa: déjà vu all over again?


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