Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage

Since 2012, ICOMOS Netherlands has been exploring what can be learned from water-related heritage rooted in culture and nature. What insights can we derive from ancient water structures such as the dams of the Middle East or the qanats of arid regions; governance arrangements such as the water boards of the Netherlands; or, the ethico-spiritual frameworks of those of the Incas? How can these varied forms of water-related heritage teach and inspire future planners, architects, politicians, design engineers, and others as they address present and future water-related challenges? This is addressed in a new book.

9783030002671.200It is relatively easy to point to water-related heritage as a source of inspiration for innovation and creativity. In practice, however, this claim needs and must be held to scientific validation and specification through practical and illustrative cases—as well as to methodological guidance for policy makers, planners, designers, and training programs. This publication addresses that need. It presents twenty-one chapters on water-related heritage that encompass a broad spectrum of theoretical and  methodological approaches and studies of water-related heritage from a range of the world’s regions. It contributes to the ongoing dialogue on water and heritage between policy makers, scientists, civil society, and spiritual leaders. The case studies it presents bridge the divides between the scientific discipline.


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