Help street children in Lebanon

In Lebanon we help street children and their mothers – mainly Syrian refugees – by accompanying them to the supermarket to buy them food and other basic necessities. They decide what they need; we pay for it. 

Because of our work we visit Lebanon on a regular basis. Every time we see Syrian refugee children roaming the streets, looking for food and money to sustain their families. They are sent away by shopkeepers who do not want them around. The children often sleep on the street, with or without their parents. They wear the same clothes every day and some don't have shoes. They don't go to school and can't play anywhere. They literally live in the gutter, between cars and traffic.

Every time we go to Lebanon we bring more and more from the Netherlands for the children and their parents. It started with sweets and other goodies, and of course some money, but soon mothers and children asked for food rather than money, for example a voucher with which they could pick up a hot half chicken.

However, we see that that is not enough.


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